Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Father, husband, petro-head, web developer

These are the things that make up my universe.

I am the father of 2 wonderful children.  Tyanna my eldest is a beautiful, and talented, drama queen.  Seriously, she is a great actor.  Calvin my youngest, is a smart, athletic giant! He bigger than me - not that is terribly hard considering I am only 5' 10".   Watching the 2 of them make their way in world on their terms gives me great pride and joy.  For their privacy, this is all I will say.

I am married to my soulmate, my true partner, Mariee.  She is my ray of sunshine, no matter the weather.  12.13.14 is the day that I will never forget.  We declared our love in front of our families, and friends.  This is just the beginning of our journey, and I plan to share some of our travels here.

Back in my university days, I got lost, and my dad put me back on track by hiring me to work with him in his wrecking yard.  This is where I developed my love of cars, well, pretty much anything a motor.  I learned to tear down motors, transmissions, suspensions, brake systems, steering systems.  I really enjoyed my time with my dad.  Ever since I like to tinker my vehicles.  My latest project is my 2015 Mini Cooper S Hatchback.  Stay tuned for my trials and tribulations with my projects for any of my project cars.

I have been building websites since September 28th, 1997.  I don't know why I can seem to remember the exact date, when I am not sure what I had for dinner last night, but the brain just works that way.  I started off humbly - just fixing bugs, updating sites in HTML/CSS and JS.  I used tables for layout because I didn't know any better, and well CSS support was sporadic at best.  

Fast forward until today and I lead a team of fantastic web design/developers.  Each with their own strengths and know how.  We build responsive, accessible, well designed, well built websites and mobile/hybrid apps for a variety of enterprise clients around the world.

All in all I am a very fortunate, and my life's roads and potholes has given me a pretty fabulous universe to live and grow in.  

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