Thursday, 26 March 2015

SERA - 2015 Mini Cooper S

Blazing the way through traffic, and generally making the daily commute fun!

Delivery Day at the Dealership
Sera, short for Seraphina, is our little blazing angel for lane carving through the grind of traffic in Doha.  She joined our family on Feb 8th.   Sera is the first car I have purchased current model year and to my exact specifications.  I have always owned used or previous year model cars.

Sera is a 2015 Mini Cooper S (F56), she is the second year of the 3rd generation MINIs since BMW took over the brand.  2.0 litre, 6 speed automatic (w/paddle shifters), variable dampened suspension, 18" wheels, panoramic sunroof, and many more techie gizmos.  I think that is part I love the most about this car, all technology to explore and utilise.

I have discovered a great community of F56 owners, now because it is forum there are many posts about "niggles" people are having with their cars, but weaved in there are great tips and information about features, how to maintain, how clean, and to enjoy the most out of your car.  If you are interested check it out

Stay tuned I will be posting more of my exploits in tweaking the look of my car, and making some simple upgrades for maintainability and better performance.